I caught the photography bug in 2005 after several years of admiring desktop wallpaper photographs that I would peruse and download from the web. Subsequently, I started taking road trips out on blue highways, paved county roads, two-lane graded gravel roads, down to single lane dirt and sand tracks and 4x4 roads out in the boondocks – to try to take some "purty desktop pix" of my own. I bought my first dSLR in 2007.

I have traveled the western U.S. extensively, at one point being able to telecommute on a job while I roamed the West for 3 years as a "digital nomad": tent and car camping, working off of mobile wifi, and out of hotels, motels, and inns … and doing a lot of photography on the side. During that period it wasn't so much "going on road trips"; my life became an ongoing road trip.

I'm mostly a landscape/nature photographer by default, but I'll photograph anything, anywhere. Although I'll shoot icons and iconic locations, I prefer the "serendipitous" approach: to explore the roads less travelled, and stumble upon scenes in good light. I favor cacti and old buildings as subjects, along with occasional old cars and horses. Barrel cacti are my favorites; I seek them out actively, and you'll find many of them in my shots. Tip: they travel in packs, very slowly ;)

I am almost exclusively a single-shot photographer, except for HDR's (I've only done one 2-shot exposure blend in Photoshop thus far). I use Capture NX2 for editing, although I occasionally use Photoshop and ACR these days. All shots have been taken with a DX crop dSLR (Nikon D300), with 12-24mm Tokina ultra-wide, 16-85mm wide zoom Nikkor, 70-300mm telephoto Nikkor, 90mm Tamron macro, and Nikkor 35mm prime lenses.

I did a major overhaul of this website in 2015. In Western U.S. and A Few Favorites you'll see large thumbnails (scroll down for all of them); there's a brief description of each photo when you hover your cursor over it, then when you click it opens to a full-size shot against a black background. With Location Spotlight, you'll see the locations that I'm highlighting, then the same sort of dynamically-sized large thumbnails, with a blurb at the top of the page. In "Most Recent Shots", it's just a group of small thumbnails.

This site is best viewed in a color-managed browser, on a calibrated monitor; the photos will look washed-out and not at their best otherwise. I hope you have a wonderful photographic experience on the site, and please feel free to add any comments, or like on Facebook, etc. Oh, and by the way … the site name is a play on words derived from "I Sing the Body Electric", the Phillip K. Dick novel and the Weather Report album with the same title.