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October 3rd, 2011: I was camping around Ennis, MT and decided to go check out Virginia City and Nevada City. The former was too touristy for my tastes, but the latter was great - replete with cool old buildings (turns out this is the repository for old historic buildings in Montana, e.g. instead of a rancher demolishing an old cabin, they come, load it on a truck, and bring it here). There was no one around; I strolled along the main drag and took some snaps, then noticed there were people in back. I went around the fence, and a guy walked over to me. He said that they were re-enactors, and lived there from Memorial Day to Labor Day, dressing and living exactly how people did back in the 1860's. He said that although they were closed for the season, they were there that day because a busload of production people from PBS were coming in to check it out, and I was welcome to come in with them and photograph. I just had to be ready in 15 minutes and wouldn't be able to leave until the event was over, and act as if I belonged there - so I frantically scrambled to get everything together and stood in the queue, smiling. A truly magical 3 hours! Serendipity to the Nth degree ... what are the odds that I would be there on that particular day, and be invited in?