White Sands National Monument is an awe-inspiring place, truly a photographer's paradise. The sands are white due to being made up of gypsum crystals, and it is the largest gypsum dune field in the world. Closer to the visitors center there's a lot of plants; mid-way in you have less plants, and more lone plants and grasses; and farthest away you have pure white dunes ... it's the areas where there's lone plants/grasses, or none at all that interest me. I was there for a week and drove out to shoot all but one day; there was a sand storm that day, but on another day there was also raging winds gusting as high as 50 MPH. Fortunately the sand is crusty so you don't sink in, and the gypsum must be heavier than average sand, because although it blew fast, it stayed low to the ground. No problem.