I love the eastern Sierra, so I stayed in the little town of Lone Pine for 4.5 weeks. This area is just gorgeous! Alabama Hills is a mere 5 minutes from town, so after work I'd cruise up there and stroll around in different areas and shoot. I eschewed Mobius Arch this time; just too many people there, and I wasn't in a mood for the trying to get the "great fine art icon" shot. Plus, my camera's been having autofocus issues.

I love the barrel cactus in this area, so I played a game of hunting for them and making them my primary photo subject. As far as I can tell, the ones in this area are echinocactus polycephalus. They have multiple barrels in clusters, and are just marvelous plants that make great foregrounds. There's not a lot of them here - you can walk around for quite a while and not see them, but when you do you'll usually find a few other clusters around.